Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fortunately scooped Through Long-Term Stock Investment

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Many of us imagine the fear when making long-term stock investments. Fear usually arises when watching the rise and fall of stock prices make investors lose money. Actually, when you start a long-term investment, the rise and fall of stock prices does not significantly affect the investment that you make.

It happened during the company whose stock you plant still growing positively. To further convince you, please read and learn about the company's financial statements regularly and periodically.

Many statistics say that the long-term stock investing is very profitable for you. is not uncommon that a company's stock rose sharply only in the period that is not long. for example, a company called United Tractor, has managed to drastically increase the stock where anga 350, per share in 2001 increased become 29,000 per share for now.

If you do not want a long-term stock investments, preferring short-term, many risk losses that could occur. been many instances where investors lost due to the ups and downs of shares of a company. However it is still okay you do as long as you dare to lose and willing to take risks to worry constantly.

If you are interested in a long term investment then start your salary set aside each month for investment capital stock. Decides to share the investment period you want to do. To determine this, you can use the formula 100 - age.

Suppose your age is now 30 years old, then 70% of your investment are stocks investments. The more your age increases, the proportion of the equity investment must be reduced and replaced with a more stable investment, so that long-term stock investments made ​​can be really beneficial.

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